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Hardware knowledge

Date:2010-04-26 09:33:32

Hardware knowledge——how to mold maintenance and repair
  1、the mold must be used for a long time after grinding the edge, grinding edge surface must be demagnetized, not with a magnetic, or prone to blocking material.
  2、spring and other elastic parts in the course of the most vulnerable to damage the spring, usually the phenomenon of fracture and deformation. The method is to replace the spring in the replacement process must pay attention to the specifications and models, spring size and type by color, diameter and length of the three to confirm that only three of the same circumstances can be replaced.
  3、the use of the punch punch prone to the process of bending, bending and bite the bad phenomenon, red sets are generally bite bad. Punch and punch damage are generally replaced with the same specifications of the parts. The main parameters of the punch part of the size of the work, installation of some size, length and size.
  4、fastening parts, check whether the loosening of fastening parts, damage phenomenon, the approach taken is to find the same specifications of the parts to be replaced.
  5、Binder parts such as pressure plate, gifted, such as plastic, unloading parts such as stripping plate, pneumatic top material. Maintenance inspection parts of the relationship and whether the damage to the damaged part of the repair, aerodynamic top material check for leaks, and take specific measures to the situation. Such as tracheal damage to be replaced.

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